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Overlay DMSP SSJ/4 data(?) Overlay DMSP SSIES data(?)
Overlay POES TED data(?) Overlay Eq. Bnd. of auroral oval (from POES)
Overlay R1 oval(?) Overlay R2 oval(?)
Overlay Van Allen Probe footpoints Overlay field-of-View of SASK ASI Overlay FoV of GILL ASI

Gridded Velocities
Merged line-of-sight velocities from the radars having overlapping field of views
Fitted Velocities Ruohoniemi and Baker 1998

Overlay electron energy flux data measured by the SSJ/4 instrument (energy range : 30 eV to 30 KeV) onboard DMSP satellites
Overlay Ion Drift meter data (part of SSIES instrument package) measured DMSP satellites
Overlay Total Energy Detector (TED) data measured by the POES satellites (energy range : 50 eV to 20 KeV)
Overlay Region-1 oval/boundary estimated from AMPERE data Clausen etal., 2012
Overlay Region-2 oval/boundary estimated from AMPERE data Clausen etal., 2012

Type of grid file to read.