Data Inventory

These graphs show the available data on our data server. Different data formats are represented by different colors, according to the legend in the top right corner of the plot.

Data Inventory by Day

Show day-resolution inventory plots.

Last 7 Days of Data Downloads

Show last 7 days of data downloads

Data Inventory by Month

Use the "Previous Month" and "Next Month" link to flip through the plots.

THEMIS Mode Data Inventory by Month

This tool shows the monthly THEMIS mode data inventory of all the northern hemisphere radars from 2010-01 to 2016-12 for channel A. The camping beam number of each radar is labeled at right. The radars are color coded by local time. Use the "Previous Month" and "Next Month" links to flip through the plots.

Data Inventory by Year

Use the "Previous Year" and "Next Year" link to flip through the plots.

Absolute Disk Usage

Relative Disk Usage

Data Gap Reports

Known data gaps for Virginia Tech Radars starting in April of 2009 can be found on the Data Gap page.

Note on VT Server

We have a JetStor RAID 6 array by ACNC ( with 24 4 TB harddrives attached to a computer running Ubuntu 12.04 Server Linux. Because of the way RAID 6 and file systems work, this effectively gives us 77 TB worth of storage. The RAID array looks like a giant hard drive to our server.

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