Multi-Panel Field of View Plotting

Data Format (?):
Hemisphere Radar Channel Plot Layout Time Interval Frequency
(?) (?)
Year Month Day Start Time
: : UT
Power Min Value: Max Value:
Velocity Min Value: Max Value:
Width(?) Min Value: Max Value:
Elevation Min Value: Max Value:
Additional plotting options
Apply Median Filter Show field-of-view Zoom In
Replace default g-s id with velocity threshold: +/- m/s

XRange: YRange:
Remove Latitudes Label Plot Per Scan (?) Beam Flip Flag (?)
Remove Title/Footer/Coord label Plot Dark Coastlines Remove Freq and Mode Labels

Most data is available in fitEX format. If no data is found in the chosen format, the script will look for data in the other formats.
Row by Column
Frequency (MHz) to search for
Plot every scan based on scan flag (default) or beam flip flag (selected)
Reset scan flags according to beam flip
Spectral width of the power from fitacf; this is w_l (Lorentzian fit)

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