2024 Incoherent Scatter Radar (ISR) Summer School, July 22-27 - Deadline March 21

Interested graduate/advanced undergraduate students are encouraged to apply. Those candidates who are selected for the 2024 ISR summer school and are ...


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NASA Summer Research Opportunity on Space Weather

NASA Heliophysics Division partnered with NASA DEVELOP National Program to launch two pilot projects focusing on space weather application this Summer...


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Python in Heliophysics Summer School 2024

SuperDARN stands for Super Dual Auroral Radar Network. The network consists of more than 30 low-power HF radars that look into Earth's upper atmospher...


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VSGC STEM Scholarships and Fellowships for 2024-2025

The Virginia Space Grant Consortium (VSGC) has announced the VSGC Scholarship and Fellowship program for 2024-2025. Since 1990 the VSGC has made ...


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